We provide custom solutions from hospital design build operate, hospital commissioning to international hospital management integrating customs requirements of our global healthcare clients.

Consulting & Planning

  • Clinical Planning
  • Facility Planning

  • Market & Feasibility Assessments

  • Medical Equipment Planning
  • Project & Design Development

  • Space Planning

  • Strategic & Operational Planning

  • Design, Build, Operate & Transfer

Hospital Operations Services

  • Accreditation
  • Commissioning

  • Construction Project Management

  • Facility Management

  • Hospital Operations Management
  • IT & Health Information Systems

  • Materials, Supply Chain & Procurement
  • Quality Management

Human Capital Services

  • Contingency Search
  • Executive Search
  • Education & Training of Staff

  • Human Resources Management
  • Medical Management
  • Performance Management

  • Recruitment & Retention of Staff
  • Revenue Cycle Management

Consulting & Planning Services

AMI Healthcare provides consulting expertise to organizations seeking the following:

Healthcare facilities are always undergoing changes, either through expansion or through change of services. Therefore, hospitals must allocate resources for clinical capital planning for facilities within their organization’s program and their strategic priorities.

AMI can provide

  • experts that can evaluate healthcare facilities
  • clinical planning in all areas where clinical services are delivered
  • optimized delivery of clinical outcomes and in healthcare facilities development.

We can help you understand the implications of trends in the organization and delivery of health care services and develop alternative solutions and establish priorities among capital projects that address current problems and future flexibility.

Medical Equipment Planning is part of the design process for every new hospital and is ever-changing due to new advances in technology.

We work with international hospital engineering firms in the design of healthcare facilities that meet U.S. hospital standards including the supply and installation of medical and related technical equipment including all relevant consumables.

Through our own medical equipment planning and procurement experts, we can provide the specification and procurement of medical equipment and help you select the best possible option.

Hospitals are complex institutions that require detailed planning and strategic goals for hospitals in order to make operations a success.

Our hospital strategic planning consultants will be able to

  • define health care delivery
  • conduct feasibility studies that will result in a comprehensive assessment of your market
  • engage key stakeholders in the decision-making that is crucial to the long-term future of your organization.

We ask the questions critical to mapping out the right strategic initiatives for your organization in order to develop the best ways for implementation.

We’ll use our wide-range of industry experiences and hard-won knowledge of healthcare service delivery to create a roadmap of success for your organization.

AMI Healthcare teams up with affiliated partners to offer services in the design, build and operation of international hospitals.

We work with our partners to create a development plan and hospital design that incorporates the latest technology, state of the art facilities and cutting edge medicine.

Hospital Operations Services

Healthcare organizations are increasingly challenged when it comes to properly utilizing resources, improving care and reducing costs all while trying to achieve operational efficiency. We provide various services to implement and improve Hospital Operations including, but not limited to the following:

Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation, or formerly known as Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), is an independent organization in the United States that evaluates and sets Hospitals Accreditation Standards for healthcare organizations.

The organization operates a more stringent evaluation for hospitals in the United States and a set of standards designed for International institutions.

AMI Healthcare operates the facilities we manage under Joint Commission standards and we aim to take hospitals that are not accredited to full accreditation.

Our commissioning services start right at the beginning of a hospital project to allow our Commissioning Team to closely work together with construction and design partners.

This ensures that the building of the facility will meet accreditation standards and that any design changes or errors can be corrected, amended or removed. Our tasks include, but are not limited to, undertaking:

  • Structural Blueprint Review
  • Building Systems Inspection & Certification
  • BMS integration
  • TAB Review
  • Develop Supply Line
  • IT installation
  • Recruitment of Staff
  • Handover to Management Team
  • Risk Analysis
  • Insurance Negotiation
  • Equipment Installations
  • Operational Dry Runs
  • Systematic Service Line Launch & Development

Quality Management and Performance Improvement is a continuous process due to the need to control costs while maintaining or increasing the level of patient care and patient clinical outcomes.

We help hospitals to reach these goals by

  • introducing quality management methods and quality management tools (six sigma tools)
  • lean process improvement to decrease costs
  • increasing product quality and improve timely delivery of services.

We deliver these services through highly skilled subject matter experts, supply chain management, and our knowledge-based management performance improvement methodologies.

Human Capital Services

AMI Healthcare has acquired extensive experience in the many areas of Human Capital over the years which allows us to offer our services in the following:

One of the many challenges facing healthcare organizations today is how to improve their Human Capital Services and enhance employee satisfaction all while reducing day-to-day operating costs.

Our comprehensive hospital human capital management services are designed to develop and implement effective HR best practices that supports your business strategy.

We help eliminate time-consuming processes, and reduce and control functional costs so that you can free up internal resources for other important commitments and focus on your business core.

We also aim to help achieve and maintain organizational conditions that enable innovation, increased profitability and high performance.

We involve the medical management in our process of delivering patient care and in coordinating the operation of the hospital. This typically involves a Chief Medical Officer and a Chief Clinical Officer to oversee the affairs of the medical and for establishing and monitoring clinical outcomes and protocols.

We establish guidelines for minimum qualification criteria for the hiring process of physicians, nurses and allied health in accordance with local government criteria or, if these are not present, apply standards that are typical for the hiring of such staff in the United States.

The most crucial factor in managing a hospital is the ability to attract and retain employees. The growing demand but limited supply for high qualified professionals means hospitals are increasingly facing higher competition for this top-notch talent even on a global scale.

With our intelligent strategies, we will help you find and mobilize the best talent for all skill levels; from entry level to executive, while helping you retain the people you need most wherever your organization operates.

Recruitment has been our bread and butter since our humble beginnings and we are proud to be one of the leading firms in the industry to provide the recruitment of medical, nursing and allied health staff to our international hospital clients as well as executive search services.

Consult with us today about our solutions for saving you time & money.

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