AMI Healthcare

Our experience in the international healthcare industry spans over three decades providing services in consulting, healthcare design and development, hospital commissioning, recruitment, and operations management of hospitals and healthcare facilities to clients from North America, the MENA region, and Asia.

In today’s dynamic healthcare environment, organizations are facing ever-more opportunities and challenges in an industry that has become increasingly complex and competitive.

As healthcare reform continues to put pressure on hospital systems to deliver affordable quality care, AMI Healthcare found its expertise had major value in developing and operating alternative models of care that addresses current gaps in our target markets and optimizing healthcare delivery to achieve utmost operational efficiency and desired patient outcomes.

Our focus is on bringing innovative, sustainable healthcare solutions to emerging markets and beyond.



To design, build and operate successful, scalable and sustainable smart hospitals and ambulatory healthcare facilities with cutting edge technology in emerging markets and beyond.


To foster healthier communities by improving patient health outcomes through affordable and equitable access to quality healthcare.










Why Us

  • Our team includes highly experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated experts

  • We have proven years of industry experience in international healthcare

  • We have extensive years of experience in healthcare design development

  • We have operations management skills in small, medium & large hospitals

  • We utilize leading best practices and methodologies

  • We have valuable competitive industry insights in international healthcare

  • We have knowledge of doing business in cross-cultural settings

  • We can quickly adaptability to new environments

  • We are committed to sustainable business solutions

With operations so critical to health care delivery, selecting the right leadership must be made wisely to deal with the rapid changes occurring in healthcare.

This requires exceptional talent with an in-depth understanding of all aspects of healthcare delivery–including the differing levels of care, to different teams and team members, to multiple departments and processes, to the provider market and the need to adapt to an ever changing industry under constant reform.

This is the expertise of AMI Healthcare.

We are an agile, forward-thinking company that strives to deliver innovative healthcare solutions and services that make a significant impact on improving community health.


Who We’ve Worked With