Women’s Hospital

In partnership with architectural design firm Fletcher Thompson, we blended current American healthcare design standards with the customs and culture of local healthcare delivery, this 100-bed hospital will focus initially on Mother and Child with centers of excellence for most major specialties. Designed with flexibility as a priority, more diverse services and other centers of excellence will be added in the future-based, on market demand requirements.

The facility includes:

  • 100 Inpatient Beds
  • 32 Outpatient Facility
  • 4 Operating Rooms
  • 6 Labor and Delivery Suites
  • 8 VIP Suites
  • 9-Bed NICU
  • 8-Bed ICU
  • 12-Bed Emergency Room
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  • Computerized Tomography (CT)

Key design features includes:

  • Highly efficient space planning
  • State-of-art technologies
  • Respectful of patient dignity, privacy & safety
  • Convenient access to ambulatory care
  • Two story atrium Lobby & circulation spine
  • Attractive healing environment of care
  • Optimized daylighting
  • Interior garden solariums
  • Flexible for future change
  • Capable of vertical expansion
  • Critical care access with trauma elevator

2013 – 2014






125,744.001 SQFT / 11,682 SQM

Scope of Work

Feasibility Study, Financial Modeling, Clinical Planning, Facility Planning, Medical Equipment Planning, Space Programming


Fletcher Thompson (FTAE Design)