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Project Summary

This 200-bed, eight-story medical center, with 41,543 sqm (447,165 sqft) of building space, was to be situated adjacent to a proposed new “flag ship” hotel, and intended to provide advanced medical procedures and services to an International Airlines client, its personnel, passengers, and visiting dignitaries requiring medical services. Located near the International Airport, this state-of-the-art facility included:

  • A Cancer Center
  • 12-room Emergency department
  • Acuity adaptable patient rooms
  • 13 Operating Rooms
  • Space for linear accelerators, radiography, CT scanners, and MRI’s.

Project Snapshot

StatusConcept Completed
Services PerformedFeasibility
Financial Modeling
Clinical Service Planning
Medical Equipment Planning
Space Program
Partner(s)AEPM International, LLC

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