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Who We Are

AMI Healthcare is a global service provider of healthcare solutions and services to hospitals, organizations and physician practices. We work closely with a variety of healthcare professionals and enterprises to provide the most optimal and practical solutions to today’s healthcare industry challenges.

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Sourcing The Experts

We bring together experienced healthcare administrators, clinicians and subject matter experts to provide custom built healthcare services and solutions.

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What We Do

We identify fast-growing opportunities and challenges in the global healthcare industry and provide solutions and turn-key services in hospital development and hospital management internationally. We strive to implement state-of-the-art hospital services designed with patient centered medicine in mind delivered at the highest quality to achieve best patient outcomes and satisfy patient expectations.


Healthcare Services Planning

We help our clients turn a project idea into a feasible, actionable plan through data analysis and making recommendations based on our hospital operations and commissioning experience.

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Hospital Operations Management

We can provide hospital commissioning services to JCI accreditation standards, as well as operations management of new and existing hospital and healthcare facilities.

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Human Resources Management

We offer staffing solutions, talent search and acquisition, staff retention and training, human resources management and more for hospitals and healthcare facilities needing to improve their human resources.

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Full Spectrum (Design, Build, Operate)

We can provide the entire spectrum of services from initial planning, design, build, construction and operations management or handover.

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How To Get Your Documents Authenticated

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If you're pursuing employment overseas, you may find yourself needing to legally authenticate certain documents to obtain a work permit. Such documents may include: educational certificates or degrees certifications (i.e. medical boards, training completions,

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Who We’ve Worked With

Our business partnerships include having worked with various small, medium and large-sized hospitals and healthcare organizations around the globe.

Solving Problems Together

We believe in the human element of forging business relationships. Together, we can create solutions today that will make a difference tomorrow.

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