In order to obtain a working license in the UAE, all applicants must first undergo the process of primary source verification which is handled by a company called Dataflow Group.

The relevant healthcare licensing governing body for whom you are applying to get licensed from (e.g. HAAD) will check that you have completed the Dataflow process. If you have not done so, your application may not get approved and you will be referred to Dataflow.

Once you have completed the Dataflow, you should receive a certificate in your email telling you if you’ve been approved or disapproved.

If approved, you can then apply for the license in the Emirate in which you desire to work. This is a separate application process and the licensing body will verify all the details against the information you have given to Dataflow.

If you have been disapproved, you should receive either an email or a note in your application profile upon login telling you the reasons for rejection and how to correct this or appeal the decision.