This page is designed to help you understand how our recruitment process works for our international healthcare job hiring. There are different requirements for international hospital management jobs and hospital operation jobs and we want to help make the process as easy as possible. Many of the questions featured are ones we often get asked by prospective candidates.

How much is the applicant fee?2015-05-03T18:32:56-04:00

Our service to you is free – AMI Healthcare does not charge a fee for service to you. But there will be some costs involved to you associated with your visa and professional licencing requirements depending on the issuing authority.

How do I know if I qualify for an opening?2015-04-25T01:01:14-04:00

We refer to the requirements specified by the Client and/or any relevant governing body.

For jobs in Abu Dhabi, we refer to the guidelines set by the Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD) under its Professional Qualifications Requirement as extensively defined at http://www.haad.ae/haad/tabid/976/Default.aspx. Physicians, nurses and allied health professionals must meet or exceed the minimum requirements specified in their field to be considered.

How and where do I apply for International Healthcare Jobs?2015-04-25T01:01:46-04:00

We encourage all interested applicants to apply online, preferably via our career portal. An applicant record will be created for you in which we are able to track and process your application(s).

How will I know that you received my application?2015-04-25T01:08:08-04:00

You will receive an email confirmation once you have completed the online application process.

I’ve applied online and submitted my resume – What next?2015-04-25T01:08:48-04:00

Once your resume is received, it will be reviewed for any vacancies for which you may qualify. If you qualify, someone from our office will contact you within 1-2 weeks from when it was reviewed. Otherwise, we will keep your resume on file for consideration for future vacancies as they arise.

I’ve sent my resume, but received no response – What’s happening?2015-04-25T01:09:53-04:00

Your resume is important to us. We try our best to acknowledge the receipt of all resumes as quickly as possible, however, due to the high volume of applications received, we are unable to personally contact everyone who sends in a resume. We will contact candidates that qualify for any vacancies accordingly.

When will you contact me about an interview?2015-04-25T01:12:15-04:00

For interviews, we only contact shortlisted individuals whose background and skills most closely match the position requirements.

How are interviews conducted?2015-04-25T01:13:17-04:00

Most clients will arrange for telephonic interviews but some might opt to arrange Skype interviews which may include doing a video call. Others may arrange for an on-site interview if the candidate lives within a close proximity of the facility.

How do I find out about my post-interview result?2015-04-25T01:13:47-04:00

We actively try to follow-up on post-interview updates for all our candidates, however, some clients will interview many candidates for the same position and do not give immediate feedback until they have spoken with all applicants. We will provide all our candidates with post-interview updates soon as the client has informed us of their decision.

I’ve been shortlisted. When will I receive my offer letter?2015-04-25T01:15:04-04:00

Offer letters are forwarded to you soon as it has been received and reviewed by us. The client will issue offer letters at their own pace and discretion and we have limited influence in expediting the process. We therefore ask all shortlisted candidates to be patient at this stage of the process.

I will be in town next week, are you able to help arrange an interview for me while I’m there?2015-04-25T01:14:29-04:00

While we are happy to let our clients know if prospective candidates will be available for an on-site interview, we do not guarantee that we can arrange a meeting unless the client specifically agrees or makes a request. Additionally, our clients will only consider candidates which are already in process and even then, we do not guarantee that we can make arrangements unless the client indicates otherwise. If you are selected for interview, we will contact you.

I’ve been told I need to authenticate my documents. How do I go about this?2015-04-25T01:15:27-04:00

Please refer to our ‘Authentication of Documents’ page for more details.

If I am not selected for a position, what happens to my application/resume?2015-04-25T01:16:00-04:00

We are committed to reviewing all applications promptly. However, if you are not selected for the position(s) for which you have applied you will be notified and your resume will be kept on file for consideration for future vacancies as they arise.

Will submitting duplicate resumes increase my chances of moving forward in the process?2015-04-25T01:29:22-04:00

No. Please do not submit duplicate resumes for the same position as this will only slow down the process and will not reflect favorably on your application. If for some reason we need your resume again, we will contact you.

Will I be notified of my status?2015-04-25T01:28:56-04:00

Due to the high volume of applications received, our current practice is for our recruiters to contact only applicants that are being considered for further evaluation. Shortlisted candidates will receive updates about their status when available.

What if I am interested in multiple positions? Can I apply to more than one position?2015-04-25T01:31:04-04:00

Yes. Please log in to your account first via the career portal and apply to each position of interest that matches your experience and the requirements as specified by the position. Your application will be considered against each job for which you apply.

If you have trouble applying for a job through the career portal, please contact us with the job title and ref#.

I saw the job listed here elsewhere, can I apply directly or via multiple sources/agencies?2015-04-25T01:29:47-04:00

While multiple sources and agencies may advertise the same job, we do not recommend that you apply multiple times for the same position from various sources or agencies.

Clients review applications submitted directly or via agencies on a first-come, first-serve basis and are unlikely to consider a new submission from us if the original agent through which they received your application is still actively working with them.

How can I increase my chances of being called for an interview?2015-04-25T01:30:40-04:00

Only those applicants who meet the minimum education and experience requirements for the position and demonstrate the most closely related work experiences, education and training will receive further consideration for employment.

We CANNOT process incomplete profiles so it is your responsibility to ensure that you have accurately completed your job profile in the career portal and/or completed any and all forms that may be required for the position you are applying for.

Please note that mass applying does not increase your chances if you do not meet the minimum requirements so be sure to carefully read the experience, skills and qualifications that are being sought.

For those seeking jobs in the UAE, many employers are now prioritizing qualified candidates with existing DHA, HAAD or MOH license and currently working in the country over other qualified non-licensed applicants. It is, therefore, recommended that applicants consider applying for a work permit as an individual and complete the process in order to be shortlisted. Click to learn about getting a UAE work permit.

You may want to read our article on resume writing tips for reference.

What UAE work permits are there?2015-06-11T10:39:05-04:00

Currently, there are three health governing licensing bodies in the UAE. Namely,

DHA and
How does the licensing process work?2015-06-11T11:02:14-04:00

In order to obtain a working license in the UAE, all applicants must first undergo the process of primary source verification which is handled by a company called Dataflow Group.

The relevant healthcare licensing governing body for whom you are applying to get licensed from (e.g. HAAD) will check that you have completed the Dataflow process. If you have not done so, your application may not get approved and you will be referred to Dataflow.

Once you have completed the Dataflow, you should receive a certificate in your email telling you if you’ve been approved or disapproved.

If approved, you can then apply for the license in the Emirate in which you desire to work. This is a separate application process and the licensing body will verify all the details against the information you have given to Dataflow.

If you have been disapproved, you should receive either an email or a note in your application profile upon login telling you the reasons for rejection and how to correct this or appeal the decision.

How long does the licensing process take?2015-06-19T13:20:45-04:00

There is no given time-frame as to how long the licensing process takes. However, it may take several months depending on the profession which you have applied for, and the amount of paperwork required and how quickly the applicant can provide the information.

Please note that errors in dates, spellings, missing information or documents in your application or documents can significantly slow down the process. Candidates will be notified of these issues and asked to correct them and then re-submit for a second review.

I did not receive a welcome email when signing up as a new user.2015-06-16T18:05:42-04:00

After signing up, you should immediately receive a welcome email with your username and password from an auto-generated no-reply email. If you do not see this, please check your SPAM or JUNK folder as it may have been filtered out of your inbox.

I’m having trouble uploading documents to my online application.2015-06-16T18:02:11-04:00

Please check the requirements of the file upload including the maximum size (MB) and the type of format allowed. Often only .JPEG/.JPG, .PNG, PDF or MS-Word .DOC are allowed.

What are the reasons for getting rejected?2015-06-11T11:07:42-04:00

Reasons for an application being rejected vary.

Usually this will be stated in an email to you informing you of your application status or upon logging into your application profile.

Applicants should ensure that:

  • all the dates entered are correct and no gaps in employment are left
  • misspellings, however minor, may also be a cause for rejection until corrected by the applicant
  • they review any letters of good standing they requested from past and present employers are signed on letterhead and entail the correct information. Any errors in dates or otherwise may also be a cause for rejection until corrected
  • all relevant documents required have been uploaded or submitted; missing documents will slow the process or may be a cause for rejection
How often do you add job openings to the website?2015-04-25T01:31:43-04:00

New jobs will be added as soon as positions become available. We encourage you to visit our site as often as possible.

How will I know if a position has been filled or closed?2015-04-25T01:32:08-04:00

If a position is filled or closed, it will no longer appear on our website.

I am having issues with my account in the career portal – What do I do?2015-04-25T01:16:24-04:00

Please contact us if you are experiencing technical issues and describe the problem in detail so that it can be investigated.

I am no longer interested in new jobs – What do I do?2015-04-25T01:32:33-04:00

If you are no longer interested in prospective jobs, please log in to your account using the email you signed up with or contacted us from. Click on ‘Update Info’ and go to > ‘Job Interests’ section > ‘Your Job Search Status’ field > Select ‘No Longer Interested’ from drop-down menu.

You will be marked as ‘inactive’ and no longer be in our active pool of job-seeking candidates. If you are experiencing technical issues, please contact us.

How can I reactivate my job search?2015-04-25T01:33:39-04:00

We suggest you either contact us to let us know you’d like to rejoin our active pool of job-seeking candidates or leave a note for us in your job profile under ‘Candidate Notes’ field that you are actively seeking again. Your account will then be marked as ‘active’ again.

My question is not answered here.2015-04-25T01:34:21-04:00

If you have further questions about the online process, please contact us.