Specialist Medical Centers

Specialist Medical Centers can be categorized as either single- or multi-specialty, depending on the type of care that each physician provides. They can be either a freestanding facility or hospital based.

Single-specialty practices offer one specific type of care, like internal medicine or optometry, provided by two or more physicians. Advantages to this type of group practice setting is that there are fewer competing interests allowing for faster decision making, easier to share call coverage between physicians, less overhead, and incomes tend to be higher.

Multi-specialty group practices combine their expertise to offer many types of medical specialty care all within the same facility. There will typically be a mixture of primary care physicians and related specialists, such as surgical and internal medicine specialists. Advantages to this type of group practice is that specialists can receive direct referrals from primary care physicians, while primary care physicians can serve as a reliable resource for consults and can offer continuity in care.

Physician groups are important because they can serve many different patient needs within the community. Multi-specialty physician groups, in particular, offer one convenient place where patients can go to receive many different types of care. Physician group providers are also likely to have regularly scheduled check-ins with their patients, which gives them an opportunity to help maintain and improve population health within their respective communities.


Why Multi-Specialty Centers

Multi-specialty care practices have teams of professionals, including primary care physicians, surgeons, nurses, and support staff, who specialize in different areas that work together to efficiently and effectively identify issues, solve problems, and create health plans catered to individuals.

The main objective of a multi-care practice is to meet all of a patient’s needs by a single practice. This type of care is ideal for patients who have several health conditions or need a series of tests to determine a diagnosis. Multi-specialty practices also aim to support physicians by providing a collaborative space to share data quickly and easily.

Practices are able to retain their autonomy while achieving efficiencies of scale that help to decrease costs, such as rates for medical malpractice insurance as there are more physicians to dilute risk, employee payroll costs, cheaper healthcare benefits, and practices are able to secure better prices from suppliers.

Benefits of Multi-Specialty Centers

  • Convenience of a one-stop location for healthcare needs

  • Better communication and appointment scheduling

  • Shorter wait times

  • More access to specialist doctors

  • More access to technologically advanced treatments

  • Collaborative care using the multidisciplinary approach

  • More privacy, specialization and better personal care

  • Reduced infection risk to patients

  • Reduced costs for patients & providers

Multi-Specialty Centers

Our Approach

We look at the current gaps in the healthcare industry of our target markets and identify opportunities where we can bridge the gap and provide specialized medical services that will meet the needs and demands of the local population.

Together with our team of experienced subject matter experts, we develop and operate multi-specialty medical centers designed to disrupt the current provider market and offer an alternative model of ambulatory care in a comfortable and convenient outpatient setting outside of the typical hospital environment.

Our centers integrate patient-centered clinical pathways, evidence based best practices and the latest health innovations to deliver high-quality healthcare and improve patient health outcomes.

Our goal is to provide easy and equitable access to patients seeking affordable and high-quality medical care and operate sustainable healthcare facilities that make a significantly positive impact on public health and the environment.


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