Ambulatory Surgical Centers

Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASC) are modern outpatient healthcare facilities that provide same-day surgical services, including diagnostic and preventive care.

ASCs, both freestanding and hospital outpatient department based, have transformed the outpatient surgery experience by providing a convenient, patient-focused alternative to hospital-based procedures.

ASCs are becoming ever more prevalent in the United States and the market growth is mainly attributed to the increasing need for new solutions to cut down healthcare costs. Other driving factors include the growing incidence of chronic diseases requiring surgeries, shifting preference of patients from hospitals to ambulatory care environments, favorable reimbursement policies as well as rising investments and initiatives by governments and public health organizations.


Why ASCs

Ambulatory care is fast growing and an ever-evolving category of healthcare delivery. It integrates smart technologies, is more economical, produces less carbon footprint and has proven better outcomes for patients.

Ambulatory medical services and ambulatory surgery centers cost less, are more affordable and accessible to patients.

Additionally the importance of ambulatory surgical centers has been reinforced post COVID-19. Due to the pandemic the patients had limited access inside the hospital to restrain the spread of infection. The priorities were given to emergency procedures where the health condition of the patient is critical. Many suitable procedures were referred to be performed in ambulatory surgical centers. This increased the demand for ASCs and also opened opportunities for wider acceptance and becoming an integral part of service delivery.

Benefits of ASCs

  • Convenience of a one-stop shop location

  • Targeted service

  • Shorter wait times

  • More privacy, specialization and better personal care

  • More access to technologically advanced treatments

  • Same day surgery and discharge

  • Reduced infection risk to patients

  • Reduced medical expenses for patients & providers


Our Approach

With the prevalence of ASCs continuing to grow in North America, we’re focused on bringing the ASC model to emerging markets where this can make a significant impact on the quality and efficiency of local healthcare service delivery.

Our ASC models are carefully planned out by a team of experienced subject matter experts including consultants, clinical experts, architects, equipment planners and project managers to not only ensure a well-designed facility that supports efficient operations and patient needs but also meets licensure and accreditation standards.

We utilize a localization strategy to ensure our business operations and services are effective and successful in reaching our target markets and also open up even more opportunities for business continuity, growth and expansion.


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