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License Verification Lookup

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Canadian Physician License Lookup DHA PQR Licensing HAAD PQR Licensing MOH PQR Licensing ARDMS License Lookup ARRT License Lookup U.S. Medical License Lookup U.S. Nursing License Lookup General Medical Council UK License Lookup Nursing Medical Council UK License Lookup DISCLAIMER: INFORMATION BELOW HAS BEEN COMPILED FROM THE ORIGINAL SOURCE

How To Get Your Documents Authenticated

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If you're pursuing employment overseas, you may find yourself needing to legally authenticate certain documents to obtain a work permit. Such documents may include: educational certificates or degrees certifications (i.e. medical boards, training completions, etc.) marriage license (if applicable) certificates of good standing These documents can be attested/apostilled by the state department or governing

Certificates of Good Standing

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When doctors seek to work abroad they are usually required by their new regulator to provide a Certificate of Good Standing (CGS), or sometimes referred to as "letter of good standing," as part of a range of evidence, to prove their registration status, fitness to practise and their ‘standing' or ‘good character’ as a healthcare

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